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"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, That is all ye know on earth, And all ye need to know."

Keats's poetry comes to the mind as the dazzling sun darts its rays through the evergreen island of Mauritius. Preeminent as been the jewel of the Indian Ocean, the abode of peace and tranquility, Mauritius is a country above expectations. It s panoramic views, the subtle blue waters and the white beaches crowning the island, often mesmerize the visitors. Its wonders, since the dawn of time have been enticing foreigners and it is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world. It is not only its natural resplendence which is appealing, its kaleidoscope of smell and sounds, color, hustles and sight renders it irresistible.

Mauritius has inherited a diversity of ethnicities mainly from the colonization of the French and British, indentured laborers from India and migrants from china. This has further resulted in an active plethora of religions in practice, the majority being the Hindus, followed by the Christians, Muslims, Chinese and others. Even if they are of different faiths, Mauritians have always maintained a sublime accord between themselves and this is the golden key to the serenity that prevails in the whole island. We can spot churches, temples, mosques and pagodas all over the island. Festivals that have originated from the different religions in the country are celebrated all year round in peace and harmony.

Nothing is more heavenly than savoring the delightful gastronomies of the Mauritian cuisine. Its is a rich blend of exotic ingredients coming from the influence of the various ethnicities in Mauritius. Visitors coming to the island often want to taste these unique dishes. Some examples of typical dishes in Mauritius are the "Rougaille" which is a sort of medley of tomatoes, onions, meat, seafoods or anything else as per your taste, "farata" which is just like a flat bread , "daube" consisting of chicken and there are several other original dishes which calls only to be tasted. More surprisingly we have encountered foreigners enjoying the snacks that are sold on the streets and the famous dholl Puri it is a sort of flat bread stuffed with dholl, and it is from Indian origin.

Mauritius attracts around and even above 900 000 tourists every year which indeed makes the tourist industry flourish. Ever wondered about the enigma of this electromagnetism sort of theory, Mauritius being like a magnet attracting so many visitors? It has been said, you appreciate the nature in Mauritius in much the same way as do poets once there. It responds to the needs of each and everyone.

Mauritius Villas

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We have carefully selected some exclusive appartments and villas to suit your budget and taste. Most of these villas or appartment are only a stone throw from the white sandy beaches or turquoise blue lagoons so you can literally just walk down the beach when you feel like it. Whether its self catering villas or all catered for, we have all the different options available for you. If you need assistance to plan your Mauritius holiday, drop us a line and we will gladly help you out.

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Mauritius Top Holiday Destination

Mauritius Hotels

Mauritius is much publicised for its hotels which aligned the sublime coastal regions, whilst having luxurious hotels in towns as well. The island have known a mushrooming of hotels in those regions in a quest of satisfying the customers want, because tourists mainly come to Mauritius for its clear blue waters , white sandy beaches and mantling sun. Keeping the tourists at a proximal distance of these factors is a very much utilized strategy by several hotel industries. Mauritius offers a wide choice of hotels, luxurious, possessing world class standards and the array of leisure activities proposed, is vast.

Are you are looking for somewhere different to spend ther perfect holiday with your love ones?

Mauritius is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world. Sitting in the southern Indian Ocean, close to Madagascar off the coast of the African continent, Mauritius is favoured with the a tropical climate that makes the island accessible all year round. A luxury holiday in Mauritius really provides you with all the opportunities to relax and unwind. Whether you are looking for the discovery of a paradise or strolling along the white sandy beach enjoying the views as the sunsets over the calm blue Mauritian lagoon, there are several different activities to choose from on the island and all will help you to forget the hustle and bustle in your everyday life. You will find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right luxury holiday on Mauritius Island.

Mauritius - Top Holiday Destination

"I first went there for my honeymoon, the sea is blue, blue and blue! And the sunset there is the most wonderful on earth! It was so romantic to watch the sky turn red at sunset"

"We come here every year. It is really magical."

Those are the words of two couples, one for their first honeymoon and the second, regular visitors from South Africa when they describe Mauritius. Termed as being the Emerald in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has from the dawn of times enticed visitors from around the world. How, in the world, are scientology or philosophy ever going to explain the law of attraction that subsist between tourists and Mauritius, the turquoise waters of its subtle sea, its flourishing ,evergreen nature or even the warmth welcome of the people residing there? No wonder Mauritius has ranked 5th in the top holiday destinations among several other countries like Hawaii, Prague, and Dublin and so on.